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APPALACHIAN GEOPHYSICAL SURVEYS is a borehole logging service company which specializes in slim hole logging for coal, coal bed methane, shallow oil & gas, groundwater and geotechnical applications. It was founded in 1978 by Craig B. Clemmens, P.G., a professional geologist experienced in both natural resource and geotechnical investigations. Our equipment is mounted in 4wd pickup trucks to facilitate accessing remote job sites. We have a full compliment of geophysical logging equipment including; natural gamma, density, porosity, sonic, acoustic televiewer, temperature, heat-pulse and impeller flowmeters, induction, resistivity, spontaneous potential, caliper, borehole gyroscope and borehole video. We use Acquire@ digital acquisition software for most logs and Well Cad@ for processing and  plotting. We offer "call-out" service for sites within a 250-mile mobilization radius from our Apollo (village of Mamont), Pennsylvania office  (east of Pittsburgh). We will bid on projects outside our call-out area on a case-case basis. We also have a portable unit which can be shipped by air.

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